BlueHeaven Studio Perfection Primer Review

BlueHeaven studio Perfection Primer

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Hello everyone!!!

Today I am sharing my experiences of using this BlueHeaven Studio Perfection Primer Review – This Blue Heaven has recently launched their first primer which is BlueHeaven Studio Perfection Primer. It is the best affordable price, And when your favorite drugstore brand launches something new and exciting, you can’t help but give it a try, ones  I didn’t hesitate to pick up. We all know that primer is an important part of our base makeup. It does not give only protect our skin but also increases the longevity of our makeup and keeps it oil-free, shine-free, and smooth. 6 Makeup Remover Cloth Towel Available India (Amazon)


BlueHeaven Studio Perfection Primer


BlueHeaven studio Perfection Primer


This very area is affordable, cruelty-free, and is of good quality. you are looking for an affordable drugstore beauty brand, go and check out Blue Heaven products. These actually have a wide range of products starting from primer, foundation, lipsticks, eye shadow, and everything. This Primer claims to be a lightweight formula that contains silicones and Vitamins to soothe and mattify the skin. It’s an oil-free primer, which makes it suitable for all skin types. The primer helps the makeup to easily blend in smoothly and also stay fresh for a long time. This makes me wonder how it actually works, then checks out my Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer Review below



Product description  BlueHeaven Primer :

BlueHeaven studio Perfection Primer


Price .300/- for 30 gm

How to  use: Apply on the moisturized face before foundation

ingredients Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer

 Main ingredients   Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone/vinyl, dimethicone crosspolymer. Capric caprylic triglyceride, propylparaben & vitamin – E.

Packaging Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer

BlueHeaven studio Perfection Primer


, Blue Heaven   Primer, Oil-free primer, Affordable Primer, Cruelty-free primer this really loves the packaging of this Primer. It also comes in a beautiful shiny purple tube with a silver screw open cap. This has a squeeze tube that has a tiny nozzle that also helps to dispense just the right amount of product.

This ColorBlue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer: Gel-based Transparent  

TexturesBlue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer: Not bothersome our noses

claim Products Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer


This is a very lightweight Formula with silicones & vitamins to soften, Soothe & mattify your skin. Then move to the Furthermore, the makeup gives Glides on & Stays Fresh For Hours. this also enhances the adherence to Make-Ups while used under Foundation


My experience with Blue Heaven Primer



I am purchasing this primer 2 weeks back on the Amazon website. I have been using this Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer regularly for the past 6-8 days. If needed a  little amount is needed per application. It glides smoothly on the face and also gets absorbed quickly.

This primer has a silicone feel to it. It is an oil-free primer, hence it doesn’t make the face greasy at all. In fact, I have dry skin and the primer doesn’t further dry out my skin. It feels non-sticky and also comfortable on the skin.

Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer creates a nice, smooth base for makeup

Pros of Blue Heaven Studio Perfection Primer

  • This Beautiful packaging
  • The smooth, gel-like texture
  • This Gets absorbed quickly
  • Oil-free formula
  • Feels non-sticky, and also comfortable on the skin
  • This is Very much affordable

Cons of BlueHeaven Studio Perfection Primer


I recommend it?

Because of this easily Availability

Rating: 4.5/5g



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