BlueHeaven xpression Pancake &74 golden honey

BlueHeaven xpression Pancake &74 golden honey


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Today I am sharing it in the Blue Heaven Xpression Pan Cake Review. How do you feel when you get something to try new products out but you don’t know how to use it or its purpose? I feel also blank as well as curious. You don’t know what you are going to do with it and curious to learn about it. This same happened to me when I got Blue Heaven Xpression Pan Cake in my recent I didn’t know what a pancake is and how you use it since I’m not so good at doing makeup. But I wanted to learn how to use it. This is  Pancake is basically more or less like a foundation only but it gives more coverage than the foundation. The Pancake is used in stage shows because they hide flaws and imperfections much better than a foundation.   Checks below the Review BlueHeaven Xpression PanCake.


About This  Blue Heaven Xpression Pan Cake:

the first step in selecting your perfect make-up foundation is to know your skin type. If Select perfect the shade as per your skin tone so as to get a suitable foundation for your skin. If you have confusion You can take help from your beautician regarding the selection.

This Blue Heaven Pan-Cake is a light scattering make up of cake, specially made for the face and body. This applies the makeup cake evenly on the skin with a cosmetic sponge (provided in the pack) for more control & a smoother application.BlueHeaven Studio Perfection Primer Review

this applies in long sweeping motions. This Leaves it for a while to dry up. you can Wipe away excess makeup with a soft linen cloth

Product description


Product name; Blue Heaven Xpression Pan Cake Review

Price products:16 g

Shelf Life:3 years

Ingredients List:

List ingredients, Talc, kaolin, isopropyl myristate, liquid paraffin, octyl palmitate, glyceryl stearate, Vitamin E acetate, propylene glycol, perfume, and approved colors.

How to apply this makeup cake?

Take Makeup cake Apply the makeup cake evenly on the skin with a cosmetic sponge (give the interaction provided in the pack) for more control & a smoother application. then if you want to apply in long sweeping motions.

This Leaves it for a while to dry up. Wipe away excess make up with a soft linen cloth.


My experiences BlueHeaven Xpression PanCake 74 Golden Honey,

This Blue Heaven Xpression Pan Cake comes in a very dark purple round plastic case. This comes with a round lid inside which there is an extra transparent protective lid that holds a square make up with a sponge. this blue heaven pancakes, All of this is packed in a shiny dark purple outer carton. its packaging is simple but does not look bad at all.

I  am purchasing 74 golden honey, which is mentioned on the packaging. the shade matches my skin tone very well. The texture of this pancake is feeling a little dry. So that’s wise I would say that it’s not a good option for dry skin people as it’s going to accentuate dryness more. This gives a very dry and powdery texture that makes the pancake settle into a matte finish. This has a very strong fragrance almost like some perfume. It provides good coverage.  The trick lies in the way you apply it as blending and controlling the amount of water in your sponge is the key. this hides light imperfections and flaws very nicely but may not work so good on stubborn acne marks and dark circles on your face,

I thought these pancakes were just meant for stages but this one is every day wearing the product. The provided area looks very natural and won’t make you feel like you are wearing anything on your face. Coming to the waterproof part, yes it is waterproof. It stays on for almost 3-4 hours on my face without getting cakey and patchy on your face. Here Overall it’s a very good product for the price it comes for.


Pros Of BlueHeaven Xpression PanCake 

  • Affordable.
  • Pretty packaging.
  • Gives Settles into a matte finish.
  • This hides light flaws and dark circles very well.
  • Feels light on the skin.
  • it keeps skin matte for 3 -4 hours.


Cons Of BlueHeaven xpression Pancake

  • They might not work for stubborn marks.
  • this is not suitable for dry skin peoples


Rating: 4/5

overall this product this is a very affordable price and not bad wearing colleague, office use






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