Effective home remedy of dandruff and itching and flaking hair

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Hello, everyone !!!

Today I am sharing An effective home remedy dandruff flakes hair Dandruff is one of big problem scalp issue and when its come creating so many hair problems, like as dull hair, flaking and itching hair and hair fall hair loss, home remedy hair fall start it’s extremely embarrassing when other finding our dandruff, hair cause of dandruff unhealthy lifestyle and nutrition, problems stress, fungus of the scalp also cause of dandruff.


simple and natural effective home remedy dandruff flakes


1 Ginger and Aloe Vera mask 

Ginger also hair conditioner, high mineral, and essential oils, it makes hair, soft and shinier of your hair, it is very useful for dandruff and dry itching scalp, it provides  natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic property help scalp healthy and clean, ginger is the effective home remedy of dandruff



  1.   Ginger {1 big ginger}


  1.   1 medium-sized Aloe Vera


  1.   5 vitamin E capsules


  1.   3 vitamin A capsules

 Effective home remedy of dandruff and itching and flaking hair



 Method doing 

Combined all ingredients ginger, aloe vitamin e capsule and vitamin A capsule in a blende and mixed well, apply it on your scalp with help cotton ball, gently massage hair and scalps and leave and wash your hair and warm water and using a mild shampoo

Time taking: 2 hours 


 2 Hair masks of fenugreek and curd 

Curd: it is very effectively responsible for healthy hair, silky hair, it makes our hair smooth and overcome dandruff. When applying the curd on the scalp and leaving it, it helps to give shining and free dandruff hair. This curd contains and provides many nutrients for silky hair.



  1.   Soak overnight 5 teaspoon fenugreek seed {according to your hair length]


  1.   6 to 7 teaspoon curd


 Effective home remedy of dandruff and itching and flaking hair

  1. Fresh curry leaves a ½ bowl



  1. Lemon juice 1 teaspoon



  1. 1 teaspoon castor oil



Method doing

Combined all ingredients and blend it smooth paste mixed well and apply your scalp and massage gently, and rinse warm water and use a mild shampoo, and use, repeat weekly twice, control your dandruff, because of fenugreek or methi,  used frequently use the home remedy of thinning hair, and related hair problems will be reduced scalp problems, fenugreek seed can promoter your hair and dandruff free scalp.

Time taking:   2 hours



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