mama earth hair mask with tea tree oil Natural hair pack Reviews

Mama Erath Hair Mask
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Hello everyone !!

Today I am going to sharing my experiences with using Mama Erath Hair Mask with Tea Tree Hair Mask, Reviews, I have an oily scalp my hair when washing my hair, the next day it becomes oily-oily feel, I total feel bad, nobody can like an oily scalp, I also do not like my hair, and I have all so have a  dandruff problem facing 2-3 years my hair, my hair become so dull, damaged, and it starts for hair falling all so, then recently purchasing in mama earth tea tree hair mask and try the hair mask it gives the results in  4 to 5 applications, know my hair become a dandruff-free scalp, and  it reduced and control on excess oil in my scalp, it gently worked on removed oil, it reduced irritating oily and flaky scalp it has work  controlling of  oil, in this mask can help to moisturizer of your hair give shine and nourished of your hair

This mask is used essential ingredients using, primarily tea tree oil, lemon oil, both work effectively scalp problems main thing concentration about this mask  oily scalp and dandruff  because it creates a lot of hair problems, Mama Erath Hair Mask Effective home remedy of dandruff and itching and flaking hair


Product name;

Mama earth tea tree oil hair mask


Quantity 200ml

Self-life24 months manufacturing date


How to use this Mama Erath Hair Mask?

The main thing your hair will be clean and dry then  you can apply the hair mask after to take adequate how much you need quantity hair mask to apply on the  paste, overall hair roots  and  scalp gently massaged and live it 20 minutes after wash your hair, washing  for warm water and sulfate-free shampoo, the best result for mask using 2 to 3 time of a week,

key ingredients

tea tree oil, Argon oil, lemon oil, cedarwood’


Aqua Brassicamidopropyl Dimethylamine Brassica Alcohol

Caprylic/ Capric Triglycerides Cetostearyl Alcohol Argan Oil Coconut Oil  Lemon Essential Oil  Tea Tree Essential Oil  Potassium Sorbate  Zinc PCA Cedarwood Essential Oil   Rosemary Essential Oil

Reduces dandruff and excess of oil on scalps control oil

It is  used natural ingredients for a hair mask, it works effectively for oily scalp and dandruff, and

reduces itching and moisturizer scalp, it has tea tree oils, it works as an anti-fungal anti-bacterial help remove fungal of the scalp it gives good moisturizer of your hair.


Nourishes and prevent hair fall

The Rosemary and cedarwood oil increase blood circulation and improve hair, and when hair becomes strong and healthy it works reduced on hair fall,


My Experiences Mama Earth Tea Tree Hair Mask,

This is specially designed for dandruff and oily scalp, I have used this product 4 to 5 times and it gives the best result on my scalp, now my scalp becomes dandruff free, it gently worked on the removed, work on excess oil and it gives the shine my hair,

it reduced hair fall one of the main reasons is hair fall is dandruff,


Pros Mama Earth Tea Tree Hair Mask, 

  • Moisturizer for your scalp

  • Remove excess pol of scalp

  • Fight with antifungals

  • Prevents hair fall

  • Contains natural ingredients

  • It gives shines of your hair repaired the damaged hair also,


Cons Mama Earth Tea Tree Hair Mask, 

I fell the price little high but sure its work your hair


Rating *****4.8



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