Reviews B-Glow Radiance face wash for all skin types

B-Glow Radiance face wash

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Today  I am sharing my experiences with using this B-Glow Radiance face wash, this face wash recommended by my friend because I have combination skin types, my T zone area very oily, and grassy feel on my face, she told me, and I have tried this face wash,  Cheeks below the Review B-Glow Radiance face wash For all skin types


Product description B-Glow Radiance face wash

Product name; B-Glow Radiance face wash for all skin types

Product Quantity:    75 gms

Product Packaging Info: Tube

Price; 195 Rs

Self-life 3 years


This Texture;

it has Gel-based face wash and it has green little bol  it is nice when applying on our face it is wet your face and gently massage your face, using a circular motion of the help of the fingers, working like the scrub

Direction use:

avoid eye area and rinse of water,


aqua,ammonium lauryl ether sulfate,oat amino acid,glycerin,capb,aloe extract,,triethanolamine,acrylates/c 10-30 alkyl acrylate ,cross polymer, licorice extract neem extract in millicapsules,niacinamide.dl panthanal.


My experiences B-Glow Radiance face wash for all skin types 

B-Glow Radiance face wash



I have tried this face wash up to 2  weeks continuously it works well on my face it is a good product because it cleanly removes the excess of oil, our face  it has a smooth soft feel on my face sometimes bit dry feel, itis ok because okay, I really like this product, but it is not perfectly suitable for  dry skin are  sensitive skin, because I have noticed my, cheeks are bit dry because I have combination skin, and my  cheeks so dry, that wise using the moisturizer after using this face wash, this is perfectly suitable for oily skin,


  • Non-oily feel
  • This cleanly remove excess oil on our face
  •  It is good packaging and travel-friendly
  • It can be used for both men and woman
  • It is budget-friendly
  • This a perfectly suitable for oily skin


  • It is not suitable for dry are sensitive skin

Rating 3.8/


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